Layton, Utah, USA: March 11, 2016- A Naloxone vial sits on counter at doctor's office. It is now becoming over the counter for the first time, and is used to treat opiate overdose.

Criminal justice students learn life-saving lesson

A federal report released Thursday, Nov. 17, by the U.S. surgeon general states that an American dies every 19 minutes from an opioid or heroin overdose.

A little more than a week before that report was released, students in St. Clair County Community College professor Jim Jones’ Dynamics of Substance Abuse class were taught how to prevent those deaths.

Julie Walding, a registered nurse with the St. Clair County Health Dept., gave a detailed presentation on why and how to administer naloxone — also known as Narcan. The drug is used to treat patients who have overdosed on opioids.

The St. Clair County Health Dept. offers monthly trainings on the subject.

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